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PV & thin-films


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    Zdjęcie elastycznego ogniwa


    Scientific activity area:

    The group focuses on research concerning flexible solar cells’ manufacturing technologies and their efficiencies improvements by implementing thin layers of energy converters. The team's interests also include issues related to the integration of photovoltaic structures with mobile electronic systems, wearable textronic devices and small architectural elements.

    Current research topics:

    • design and deposition of functional films based on nanoparticles for applications in flexible photovoltaics and transparent electronics
    • manufacturing technologies of semiconductor photovoltaic cells on fabrics
    • hybrid systems for sustainable and architecture/ building integrated photovoltaics

    Research facilities:

    Laboratory of PV Measurements equipped with standardized A class solar simulators and research systems for professional testing of solar cells’ and thin-films characterization:

    • I-V characteristics, electrical parameters and efficiency of PV cells,
    • EQE external quantum efficiency in the wavelength range from 200 nm to 3000 nm,
    • absorbance and reflectance or optical transmittance (both diffuse and total) measured using integrating sphere.

    Technology equipment for thin-films deposition for both physical vacuum technologies (PVD, magnetron sputtering) and chemical solution-based methods (spin-coating, spray-coating, dip-coating, roto/flexo gravure, screen-printing), and their post-processing treatment followed by the characterization.

    Didactic facilities:

    • Laboratory of Photovoltaics
    • Laboratory of Flexible Electronics’ Technology

    Research group members:

    Katarzyna Znajdek, Ph.D., D.Sc.  – group leader
    Assosiate Professor Maciej Sibiński, Ph.D., D.Sc.
    Łukasz Ruta, Ph.D.
    Jacek Podgórski, Ph.D.
    Janusz Woźny, Ph.D.
    Przemysław Czarnecki, M.Sc.
    Szymon Rogowski, M.Sc.