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Optical fiber technology

Treść (rozbudowana)


Scientific activity area:

The group focus their research on:

  • methods of manufacturing tapered optical fibers TOF (Tapered Optical Fiber)
  • characterization of optical fibers in terms of Brillouin backscatter
  • implementation of non-contact connections using spherical fiber optic terminations
  • improving the quality of coupling with MCF (Multi Core Fiber) fibers and creating multi-fiber connectorized connections
  • implementation and characterization of fiber optic sensors

Research facilities:

OTDR fiber optic reflectometers: singlemode and multimode
BOTDR Brillouin Optical Time Domain Reflectometer
Optical spectrum analyzer with a broadband light source (3rd transmission window)
Fiber splicers with a set of tools for fiber optic cables processing

Didactic facilities:

Laboratory of Optical Fiber Technique

Research group members:

Mateusz ŁakomskiPh.D.  - lider
Bartłomiej GuzowskiPh.D.  
Grzegorz TosikPh.D.  
Przemysław NiedzielskiM.Sc.
Arkadiusz Woźniak, M.Sc.
Krzysztof Pęczek