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Microelectronics Technology

Microelectronics Technology Research Group


Research activity area:
The microtechnology team conducts research activities related to the design, manufacture and characterization of modern semiconductor structures and devices. Its members have advanced equipment facilities concentrated in an advanced microelectronics laboratory located in a cleanroom (200 m2), where the most important processes of silicon technology and technology of broadband materials (SiC, GaN) can be carried out in high purity conditions. It also has a laboratory of hybrid structures and packaging, appropriate measuring equipment (e.g. SEM microscope) and a set for laser technologies.

The area of scientific interest of the team includes i.a. development of technology for the production of silicon power MOSFET structures, the use of high-temperature processes in silicon carbide technology, the implementation of submicron photolithography processes, the production of thin layers by vacuum deposition, the use of laser techniques for processing semiconductor materials and modification of the properties of the metal-semiconductor interface, as well as diagnostics and analysis of functional properties materials and microelectronic structures.

Team members have extensive experience in the implementation of research projects financed from public funds and in cooperation with the industry.


Research group members:
Ph.D. Andrzej Kubiak
Ph.D. Łukasz Ruta
Ph.D. Janusz Woźny